We focus on safety training, injury prevention, continuing education and accountability. Our goal is to heighten safety awareness and implement best practices on the roof, ladder, road and ground.
• Job sites are regularly inspected and audited by internal and third party inspectors to reduce risk, identify potential hazards and ensure compliance with safety measures.

• We maintain safety awareness and accident prevention through daily weekly, monthly and semi-annual safety training.
In a single year, we invested in safety rails and personal protective equipment (PPE) for all workers.
• The 100% retractable life lines and temporary guardrails protect employees from falls—we can boast over 9.2 miles of guardrails!

• The increased budget for fall-protection equipment has helped reduce injuries and claims resulting from injuries by 25%.
National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA), training is given to our employees on the importance of fall prevention.
• Employees attend an eight-hour Fall Protection A-Z Program that covers fall protection and the latest OSHA state plan requirements, with hands-on equipment demonstrations and methods of self-rescue.

• Roofing Incorporated employees are required to participate in a semi-annual safety day that covers training on potential job risks.

• We also host an annual safety seminar at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center in Atlanta attended by the Safety Directors at Roofing Incorporated.

• After just 90 days of employment, Roofing Incorporated employees are required to qualify for OSHA 10 and every superintendent has an OSHA 30.
We understand there can be hazards on the ground too and not just on the roof. And so, we implement procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on the job site.
• Orange cones are placed around work vehicles, designated work areas to reduce foot or vehicular traffic while work is in progress.

• Parking lots are cleared that are in proximity to where work is taking place or if there’s a risk of falling debris.